Simon McIlroy ran his original tyres on his 2015 Ford Ranger out to 57,000kms. Thinking he should get higher mileage, Simon switched to use Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs after a solid recommendation. Another local company were reputed to have got 90,000kms out of a set, so Simon was happy to try them. After getting an epic 110,000kms out of his initial set, Simon just had to fit them again.


Travelling on icy or snow covered roads can be a challenge to most. It is important to gain traction and momentum but not neccessarily at breakneck speed. You need to drive to the conditions as black ice requires care and lower speed to be negotiated. If you plan to drive the mountain passes throughout the Winter, you need to ensure your tyres will suit the road conditions. For advice on the right tyres for requirements, call into the tyre specialists at Neumanns Tyres.